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Note: Colors in the "Date & DOY" column indicate data quality. They are derived from logbook entries for the SDI experiment (where available). The color key is: good, fair, poor, unusable, unknown. Asterisks (*) surrounding a date indicate that SDI data for this day have been flagged as very interesting, - i.e. worthy of special study.

Also, if "Test External Links" is to "Yes", then links to Keograms, ASC, etc will only be given for URLs that actually exist. But note, this testing does take a little time; there will be a noticable delay while the table is generated.

Here is a simple IDL routine that should allow you to easily read ASCII data files downloaded from the table above, using the IDL programming language. An example call is shown below. In this case "result" is the returned SDI data, and IDL's "dialog_pickfile" routine has been called to allow the user to interactively select the ASCII data file that will be read. The returned result is an IDL data structure, with a number of fields that contain the various data items read from the ASCII file.

result = sdi_ascii_reader(dialog_pickfile())


These plots have been automatically generated. There is absolutely no quality control applied when making the plots themselves. These data include cloudy observing periods, periods of poor instrumental performance, periods with significant moonlight contamination, times when the viewing dome was snow covered, etc etc. The fraction of "good" data may be as low as 20 to 30 percent.   Information on observing conditions and instrumental performance for certain days may be found by viewing the links in the "Logbook Pages" column.  Please contact the P.I., Mark Conde, for more information regarding the quality of any of these data - especially for data on days without a logbook page.